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Below is a link to an excellent site with helpful tips and advice for authors. The site is especially helpful with articles explaining and discussing Amazon’s purge of book reviews.  Just Publishing Advice

About Just Publishing Advice

Derek HainesJust Publishing Advice is managed by Derek Haines, an English teacher, author and habitual blogger, who has a long-held interest in self-publishing, as a means of freedom of expression rather than as an avenue to instant riches and fame.

Last century, well before the term self-publishing and the advent of e-books and print on demand paperbacks, and well before Amazon was even born, he was printing, hand binding and selling his own novels and books of awful poetry.

Today, with modern technology available to him, he continues to write and electronically publish new novels, from time to time, but has realised that publishing awful poetry might not have been such a good idea. One lives and learns.

In between irregular novels, he blogs. In a way, it is self-publishing at its grassroots. Opinion, ideas and helpful advice, delivered almost daily.

He also runs Whizbuzz Books for book promotion as well as this site, Just Publishing Advice for self-publishing tips and how to articles.

He has, however, also written a few books that achieved some acclaim.

Below are links to some of his excellent articles.

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In Addition, I’m including an excellent article by Derek Murphy: Why Amazon is deleting book reviews: understanding Amazon’s new review policy and how to get back deleted reviews  Link






Now that I’ve caught your attention, let me tell you what this post is really about: BOOK REVIEWS!

As most authors will tell you, a review of their book(s) is one of the most important ways to promote and sell it. As the author of five books in The Bayshore Mysteries, I can tell you without a doubt it is true. Book reviews draw attention to your book(s), give them credibility, increase sales, convince the reader that your book(s) are worth reading and the list goes on and on.

Yet, reviews seem to be one of the most difficult things to come by. Unless you are a famous author, a bestselling author or you’ve written a book that just can’t be overlooked, reviews are few and far between. There are many tips and suggestions for getting reviews from: asking friends and family, offering a gift download to contacts on the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, contacting the Top Reviewers List on Amazon to asking people who helped with your book(s) such as your editor, your cover artist or your proofreader, etc. They are all good resources and will generate some reviews, but you may still be left with the inevitable, I need more reviews!

So where does all this talk about reviews lead to? If you’re the author, it leads to being determined and creative in getting reviews for your book(s). It leads to not giving up and knowing that all your efforts to obtain them will eventually pay off. If you’re the reader, it means taking the time to post a review. Your impute is important to both the author and to other readers.  Most readers look at the reviews before they decide to purchase or download a book. It can mean the difference between a book being sold or just setting there on Amazon’s site. It only takes a few minutes of your time. So once you’ve read a book, post a review!

*Amazon book page for The Bayshore Mysteries:

Happy reading!

Check Out Lynnette’s Book World. Another Great Site!

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a LinkedIn update and discovered that Lynnette Phillips had featured my book, Intruders On Battleship Island, on her site, Lynnette’s Book World. It was a full page spread, including the video trailer and links to Amazon.

Link for Intruders On Battleship Island:

She also has another site, Book World Resources that offers great tips and information.




For all you authors and avid readers, I have a wonderful site for you! A friend recently told me about a site, ASK DAVID, for BOOK REVIEWS and for FREE BOOK PROMOTION. Their submission process is quick and easy and if you put a link to their site on your own website, they will post your submission much quicker.

In their own words, “The biggest benefit of adding a backlink to our site is that we will promote your books in the section “Featured Books & Authors” on every book page of the site. Here is an example: We randomly display about 6 book covers and 10 profile images of authors who gave us a backlink.”

For me, it was a no-brainer and it was FREE! You can’t lose and will gain great new exposure for yourself and your writing.

Good luck and happy writing!

Link for Intruders On Battleship Island:

Link for The Secret Graveyard:


Bob D’Angelo, a sports copy editor with The Tampa Tribune, has written a great review of YOUR GIFT TO ME. This wonderful book that seems to have it all was written by two talented authors, Bonnie Latino and Bob Vale. Bonnie Latino has also written another short book entitled, “Love Bug Love: Doin’ the Deep South Hokey Pokey”. It is hilarious and true! Please click on the Amazon link to see both books, including a poem and short story by Latino.

Romance novel takes a smart, sensitive look at military lives
By BOB D’ANGELO | The Tampa Tribune
Published: September 16, 2012

“Your Gift to Me,” by Bonnie Bartel Latino and Bob Vale (CreateSpace)

Venturing outside one’s comfort zone can be difficult, particularly when grief and romance are tugging at the heart. Leave it to a brassy, perceptive and slightly dyslexic character to put it all into perspective. “Life is like a curve ball,” N’awlins Harrison tells her friend, Emily Ann Meade. “Sometimes you’ve just got to reach way out and slam that thing over the freakin’ fence.”

That sums up the plot of authors Bonnie Bartel Latino and Bob Vale in their military romance novel, “Your Gift to Me.” The authors have combined to write a richly detailed, sensitive novel — punctured by spurts of humor — that relies heavily on their military backgrounds. Military personnel will not find fault with the descriptions of Air Force regimen and protocol.

What’s interesting about this collaboration is that Latino and Vale have never met in person. They began writing together several years after meeting online in 1996 in CompuServe’s military forum. Latino, an Alabama resident, is a former freelance columnist for Stars & Stripes in Europe and has been a military wife for three decades (her husband is a retired Air Force colonel). Vale, from New Jersey, is a graphic designer, writer and photographer and, like Latino, is a member of the Military Writers Society of America.

“Your Gift to Me” is a novel about grief and taking those tentative steps into a new romance, and it also contains a more complicated subplot: Air Force personnel are forced to face a “lone wolf’ who has extremist and distasteful ideas about racism.

Emily Ann Meade is the central character in “Your Gift to Me.” She lost her husband in a fiery Special Operations crash during the first Gulf War. Ten years later, she still grieves and is unwilling to get involved with any man who puts his own life at risk. That is, until she meets a F-16 Viper pilot, Col. Ted Foley, who is battling his own grief since losing his wife to breast cancer.

While Foley is a military guy, he displays a sensitive and creative side that seems incongruous with the rigidity of the armed forces. Are there colonels in the Air Force, for example, who dabble in origami? Perhaps. The authors may have portrayed Foley as a little too sensitive, but creative people do join the military. Although Meade balks at romance throughout the book, Foley finds a way to connect with her, giving her an avenue to clear her mind and find a safe haven for her emotions.

Some of his tactics stem from the advice he receives from his uncle, who had his own set of emotions to deal with. The perceptive words of “Unk” are Ted Foley’s key to unlocking the puzzle of Emily Ann Meade.

“She can’t fall for you if she’s still grieving for him, no matter how long it’s been,” Unk says. “Nobody knows how to mourn these days. We think the wake will be a quick fix. Half the time, people don’t even wait for the casket to be put in the ground. The family rushes off with friends to share a big meal. Then, presto! Everything is supposed to go back to normal.”

Unk calls it “microwave grief.” It’s up to Foley to cook up a way to draw Emily out of her shell. His methods are unorthodox, and at times he seems almost too controlling. Meade eventually breaks off the relationship, but her career as a journalist slowly, tentatively brings them back together as they collaborate to foil the rogue extremist.

Meade and Foley are the main focus of the story. The military couple that introduced the pair have a small role, while the wise-cracking N’awlins Harrison serves up doses of humor and advice, Southern style. Whenever Meade turns maudlin, Harrison is there to puncture the gloom. It keeps things light.

Most of “Your Gift to Me” takes place in Hawaii. Military personnel will appreciate the authors’ attention to detail. It’s an accurate, smart and sensitive look at military lives and military wives.

Tips for Promoting Your Self-Published Book!

You’re an author and you’ve spent months, maybe years, working on your dream of getting published. Now that you’ve achieved that, the real test comes. How to promote and sell your book.

I have published five books in my middle grade series, The Bayshore Mysteries. I can tell you that getting published is only part of the process. Promotion is the next part! There are many books and websites full of advice and information about the best way to promote, including blogs, like this one. Also included in that important group is social networking, an invaluable tool of promotion. There are many networks out there and all are helpful in one way or another. Some you may like better than others or some you may find easier to use or easier to make connections with other authors and writing professionals. Listed below are links to most of the networking websites.

I would like to mention two sites that I have found especially helpful, Facebook and Twitter. The first one, Facebook, is familiar to all of us who like to keep in touch with family and friends. There is another side to Facebook though that some of us may not be utilizing. That side is promotion! I always use Facebook as part of the promotion of free download days for the books in my series. I’ve even set up a separate author page to compliment my personal Facebook page. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the response and reaction I’ve gotten from friends, family, and even other authors and writing professionals.

Twitter is another excellent networking site and possibly one of my favorite. I have been a member for quite some time and have always used twitter as a promotion tool. I began by sending out tweets about my books and then sending invitations to other authors and writing professionals to follow me on Twitter. Over a short period of time, the number of new followers reached in the hundreds and is still climbing. Of course, once you receive a response from someone on any of the social networks, it is very important to always acknowledge that response. If they’ve commented on your personal website, liked your Facebook page, or followed you on Twitter, you need to return that kindness. As the old saying goes, ‘Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth’.

In conclusion, I would like to add, research the market, do your homework, talk to other authors, and use those FREE resources to their fullest extent. Good luck and happy promoting.

Listed below are links for some of the social networking sites. You may find others as you research the market.






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Top Tips for How to Market Your book on Amazon and Facebook.

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