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Below is a link to an excellent site with helpful tips and advice for authors. The site is especially helpful with articles explaining and discussing Amazon’s purge of book reviews.  Just Publishing Advice

About Just Publishing Advice

Derek HainesJust Publishing Advice is managed by Derek Haines, an English teacher, author and habitual blogger, who has a long-held interest in self-publishing, as a means of freedom of expression rather than as an avenue to instant riches and fame.

Last century, well before the term self-publishing and the advent of e-books and print on demand paperbacks, and well before Amazon was even born, he was printing, hand binding and selling his own novels and books of awful poetry.

Today, with modern technology available to him, he continues to write and electronically publish new novels, from time to time, but has realised that publishing awful poetry might not have been such a good idea. One lives and learns.

In between irregular novels, he blogs. In a way, it is self-publishing at its grassroots. Opinion, ideas and helpful advice, delivered almost daily.

He also runs Whizbuzz Books for book promotion as well as this site, Just Publishing Advice for self-publishing tips and how to articles.

He has, however, also written a few books that achieved some acclaim.

Below are links to some of his excellent articles.

Who’s Selling My Book For $2,796.00?  ARTICLE LINK

17 Speedy Book Marketing Ideas   ARTICLE LINK

Policy Change On Amazon Book Reviews Updated With $50 Minimum  ARTICLE LINK


Amazon KDP Select: The Pros and Cons ARTICLE LINK

Why Did Amazon Delete My Book Reviews? ARTICLE LINK

7 Reasons Why A Self-Published Book Fails To Sell ARTICLE  LINK

11 Ideas To Help You Write The Positively Perfect Blog Post ARTICLE LINK

My Books Aren’t Selling! 10 Actions You can Take ARTICLE LINK

Nine Book Promotions Ideas THAT DO NOT WORK ARTICLE LINK

New Authors Beware of Scam Agents and Publishing Sharks ARTICLE LINK

What’s The Best Way To Promote My Self-Published Book? ARTICLE LINK

In Addition, I’m including an excellent article by Derek Murphy: Why Amazon is deleting book reviews: understanding Amazon’s new review policy and how to get back deleted reviews  Link





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