What Is The Truth Behind Amazon’s Purge Of Book Reviews?

I recently had a review removed from my latest book, The Ghost of Blakeley Past.  http://amzn.to/1ji9HE9 I am not sure why it was removed, and Amazon’s explanation was very vague and generic. This problem seems to be happening more and more with Amazon and has become a troubling issue for many authors.  In view of the current trend of events regarding book reviews, I wanted to post information from a variety of sources. I am not stating an opinion either way, but simply relaying information.  You be the judge!

Below are several websites that discuss the issue of Amazon deleting book reviews.

Don’t Let Your Amazon Reviews Be Deleted   http://bit.ly/1D2Ni9n

Giving Mom’s Book Five Stars?  http://nyti.ms/1F92OjA

Amazon Reviews Are Disappearing   http://bit.ly/1EaaIaB

Disappearing Amazon Reviews   http://bit.ly/1EUhAtS

Amazon Tackles Review Problem, Deletes Wrong Reviews   http://onforb.es/1NGNu15

Amazon Removes Reviews    http://huff.to/189O1YK

Why is Amazon deleting writers’ reviews of other authors’ books?   http://lat.ms/1AeBgUe

Amazon Still Deleting Books and Reviews Inexplicably. Or is There an Explanation?    http://bit.ly/1KTGJtT

Amazon removes book reviews by fellow authors    http://bit.ly/1Hy5nuQ

Amazon Freaks Out About Sock Puppet Reviews And Deletes A Bunch Of Real Reviews    http://bit.ly/1D2MDog


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