Great tips for reducing eye strain and headaches!

If you’re getting headaches or eye strain from staring at a computer screen, here are 10 great tips, courtesy of

  • 1. If you are still using a CRT monitor (the big ones from the back that are NOT LCD monitors) then consider getting a gamma filter. It is a little screen that you put in front of your monitor to filter out most of the bad stuff that directly harms your eyes. It will not work for the LCD monitors because they work on entirely different principles.
  • 2. Sit up straight and try to reduce the stress on your eyes as much as possible. For example, don’t tilt your eyes and then force your eyes to the side to stare at the screen. The screen should be directly in front of your eyes so that you don’t turn your head or your eyes to look at the screen.
  • 3. Never stare at the screen continuously (like when you are reading something). Look away (at the keyboard for example) every few seconds. Preferably look at something far away like the opposite corner of the room or something because you don’t want your eyes fixated on something close for too long.
  • 4. If you are using any monitor (LCD or CRT) then turn down the brightness, contrast, and the color settings. (Personally I leave them all around 10 or something or the “economic” setting some of them have) but if you are only using it for work then technically black and white should be enough for you. Turn those down to absolute minimum so that you can still read and see because you don’t want to make the screen too dark and then squint your eyes to read something that is too dark or not sharp enough.
  • 5. Lower the resolution (for me 800×600 is good enough) because that will make everything look bigger including the text and images so that you don’t have to force your eyes to work harder. You won’t have to squint them to see something. It will also allow you to sit further away from the screen.
  • 6. If you don’t want to lower the resolution (because it cuts in the amount of workspace you have on your screen) then just increase the default size of text and icons on your desktop. Change your browser settings to make the text appear larger than it normally shows.
  • 7. Never lean close to the monitor. Always sit up straight and as far back as possible without having to squint your eyes to read something. This prevents neck injuries too.
  • 8. In general, try to give your eyes some exercise. Everyday (preferably in the morning, outside in fresh cold air without your glasses if you wear them) just roll your eyes completely 10-20 times all the way around for about 5 minutes. And then at night, wash your eyes thoroughly with cold water before you go to bed. Cold clean water is the best moisturizer/cleaner for your eyes. Don’t waste money on the pharmaceutical companies. Trust me, this is very refreshing.
  • 9. In general, while reading or even working on your computer, make sure that lighting is sufficient. It shouldn’t be too dark because you will be stressing your eyes and the contrast of the screen with the surrounding area will be too high. The lighting shouldn’t be too bright either because bright lights will just tire your eyes quickly and they may also be desensitized which means that the screen will appear too dark this time and again you will have trouble.
  • 10. In general, getting a lot of rest and the entire needed sleep will help your eyes a lot as well. Instead of working late at night. Go to bed on time and then wake up early to finish the work. This is a much better option than working late at night, especially on the computer, for your eyes.
  • All of these together will help your eyes a lot. Try these out for a month or so and if you still get headaches, then your eyesight may be weak and you should definitely see your optician.

2 thoughts on “Great tips for reducing eye strain and headaches!

  1. Great tips, Jerrye… Thanks for sharing!

    And congrats on the publication of your fourth book in your YA Bayshore Mystery Series. I look forward to seeing what Jeff and his friends get up to in The Mystery on Mound Island!


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