Reaching Back In Time

Reaching back in time, there’s so much to be said~for the memories that are triggered by a song, a voice, a smell or tasteeach stored within our heads

The season we call Christmas~is celebrated with family and friends in a place we lovingly call homeWhere memories were made and through them even those who are gone from our lives will in our hearts live on.

When we were young, we were always looking aheadcouldn’t wait ‘til our birthday or Christmas for the gifts we would receiveOr when we were youngcouldn’t wait until we were 18 or 21 because everything would be perfect, so we believed.

But the older folks seemed to live in the pastthey were always telling their stories of happenings long agoDon’t get me wrong, I could sit and listen to them for hours on end, but it seemed so sad, they had little to look forward to, no seeds yet to sow.

My grandparents grew up during the early 1900s, my parents were indirect products of the great depression,and I was part of the baby boomers, so we are toldEach group had to endure things not so pleasant by today’s standards, but in looking back, each could see they had had a ‘good life’~they were given the ‘important’ thingsthings not bought with gold.

When I was young I didn’t understand why the older folks treasured their memories and talked about the days of old so muchBut now that I have reached that milestone in my life, I find myself doing family history, looking for that missing piece in the family jigsaw puzzle, and reconnecting with cousins on facebook just to stay in touch.

When we were young, life was all about the future~we lived for some magical moment in time when everything would be perfect and all would have happy endings as we looked through ‘rose-colored glasses’But, now, in looking back, we realize, while dreaming of those perfect times, we are actually living our lives, and what seems like hard times now, turn out to be some of the best days of our lives. . .all too quickly passes.

So, don’t wish your life away on ‘what could have been’ or ‘if onlys’… life is what happens to us while we are busy making plans~Never take things for granted, love the people God sends into your life, if you love them, tell them so, hug them a little longer, for one day you, too,will be looking back and with no regrets, you’ll know, it was all in God’s hands!

Reaching back in time, remembering the good times and the good life~we somehow tend to over-look the unpleasant scenes and hold on to the happy timesI think that is God’s way of allowing us to see beyond the sadness and pain that comes our way and allows healing in our hearts and minds.

Christmas is a time for remembering~ a time to love and a time to share whatever we can with our loved ones and friendsLong ago, God gave His greatest gift of loveHis only son, Jesus, that we, too, could forgive and give the gift of love and through it, broken hearts could mend

**From the Inspirational writings of Suzanne Rigby, Christmas 2012



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