For all you authors and avid readers, I have a wonderful site for you! A friend recently told me about a site, ASK DAVID, for BOOK REVIEWS http://askdavid.com and for FREE BOOK PROMOTION. http://askdavid.com/free-book-promotion Their submission process is quick and easy and if you put a link to their site on your own website, they will post your submission much quicker.

In their own words, “The biggest benefit of adding a backlink to our site is that we will promote your books in the section “Featured Books & Authors” on every book page of the site. Here is an example: http://askdavid.com/reviews/book/short-stories/1100#featured. We randomly display about 6 book covers and 10 profile images of authors who gave us a backlink.”

For me, it was a no-brainer and it was FREE! You can’t lose and will gain great new exposure for yourself and your writing.

Good luck and happy writing!

Link for Intruders On Battleship Island: http://askdavid.com/reviews/book/mystery

Link for The Secret Graveyard: http://askdavid.com/reviews/book/mystery/2194


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