Tips for Promoting Your Self-Published Book!

You’re an author and you’ve spent months, maybe years, working on your dream of getting published. Now that you’ve achieved that, the real test comes. How to promote and sell your book.

I have published five books in my middle grade series, The Bayshore Mysteries. I can tell you that getting published is only part of the process. Promotion is the next part! There are many books and websites full of advice and information about the best way to promote, including blogs, like this one. Also included in that important group is social networking, an invaluable tool of promotion. There are many networks out there and all are helpful in one way or another. Some you may like better than others or some you may find easier to use or easier to make connections with other authors and writing professionals. Listed below are links to most of the networking websites.

I would like to mention two sites that I have found especially helpful, Facebook and Twitter. The first one, Facebook, is familiar to all of us who like to keep in touch with family and friends. There is another side to Facebook though that some of us may not be utilizing. That side is promotion! I always use Facebook as part of the promotion of free download days for the books in my series. I’ve even set up a separate author page to compliment my personal Facebook page. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the response and reaction I’ve gotten from friends, family, and even other authors and writing professionals.

Twitter is another excellent networking site and possibly one of my favorite. I have been a member for quite some time and have always used twitter as a promotion tool. I began by sending out tweets about my books and then sending invitations to other authors and writing professionals to follow me on Twitter. Over a short period of time, the number of new followers reached in the hundreds and is still climbing. Of course, once you receive a response from someone on any of the social networks, it is very important to always acknowledge that response. If they’ve commented on your personal website, liked your Facebook page, or followed you on Twitter, you need to return that kindness. As the old saying goes, ‘Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth’.

In conclusion, I would like to add, research the market, do your homework, talk to other authors, and use those FREE resources to their fullest extent. Good luck and happy promoting.

Listed below are links for some of the social networking sites. You may find others as you research the market.






*Here are additional helpful links and books.

Top Tips for How to Market Your book on Amazon and Facebook.

* An excellent blog by Katie Jennings


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