Post A Picture: Titanic Graveyard


One of the ports my husband and I visited, on our Canada New England Cruise in 2008, was Halifax, Nova Scotia. The picture you see above was taken at the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Halifax.  It is one of  three cemeteries in Halifax where Titanic victims were buried. Nineteen were buried in Mount Olivet, ten were buried in the Baron De Hirsch Jewish Cemetery and 121 victims were buried in the Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax.  Of the 150 victims, buried in the three cemeteries, 44 remain inidentified.

If you look closely on the headstones in the picture above, you will see some with names and date, while others only show a date and a number. The ones with the number only are, of course, the bodies that could not be identified. As my husband and I walked through the Mount Olivet Cemetery, we were fascinated and awe struck by such a scared yet historic setting that became the final resting place of 19 poor souls who perished that tragic day, April 15th, 1912.

The day we were in Halifax, we also visited the Maritime Museum, a historical and pictorial view of the Titanic, it’s tragic sinking and the ensuing aftermath. I have included a slideshow of pictures below taken inside the Maritime Museum. The link below the slideshow gives additional information about the Titanic and the Maritime Museum.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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