Post a Picture: Monserrat Abby

Montserrat Abby near Barcelona Spain

On the last day of our Mediterranean Cruise, my husband and I visited Montserrat near Barcelona Spain. It is a fascinating  site, nestled high on top of a mountain. The picture you see above is only a small view of the magnificent grounds and buildings found in this scared and historical place.

The day we went, it was cold and foggy, giving us the feeling of a being in a mystical place far away from civilization and, in some ways, we were.  On the day we were there, we went inside the church during a Mass service. We were hoping to hear the famous boys choir sing, but they did not sing at Montserrat that day. They sang for  the Pope during his dedication of the famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral in Barcelona. We did get to hear the bells though, which rang out across the grounds like angelic voices calling to us.

The link below  is a U Tube video of the boys choir.

The site is actually on two levels with  the Abby being on the higher level. The lower level consists of a cafeteria, a museum and a gift shop. A stroll around the grounds is breathtaking and well worth the time. There are scenic walks, breathtaking views of the mountains and unusual rock formations surrounding the site. There is also a train ride that takes you further up the mountain in an almost vertical direction.

The Abby is a Benedictine Abby,  Santa Maria de Montserrat. Please click the links below to find out more about this unusual place.


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