The Mystery of Wragg Swamp

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I would like to introduce my third book, The Mystery of Wragg Swamp. The photos above were taken along Three Mile Creek in Mobile, AL. The creek meanders along in a swampy area that surrounds the float warehouses mentioned in the story. The area does not represent the actual location of  the original Wragg Swamp, which was drained in the 1950’s.

The Mystery of Wragg Swamp 3

Synopsis for The Mystery of Wragg Swamp:

Amidst Mobile’s festive Mardi Gras celebration, Jeff and his pals discover another mystery. A trip to an old warehouse in the middle of Wragg Swamp, a discovery in Uncle Ed’s basement and a frightening night in the swamp, set the plot for the third book, “The Mystery of Wragg Swamp.”

School is out for the Mardi Gras holidays, and Jeff is looking forward to the gala celebration and riding on a parade float with Uncle Ed. He’s especially looking forward to a trip to the float warehouse where the floats are designed and built. The only catch is a bully named Billy Leatherwood and his bossy younger sister, Jessica, who insist on tagging along. When Jeff and his pals finally go to the float warehouse with Uncle Ed, they experience strange happenings and scary noises. After hearing frightening sounds and Uncle Ed’s story about a mysterious wild man who lives in the swamp, Jeff decides that he and his pals have to explore it.

A few days later, while Jeff and his friends help Uncle Ed clean out his basement, Jeff discovers an old box full of newspaper clippings. One of the clippings is an old 1970 article about a failed businessman who disappears after losing his family, his home and his business. Jeff becomes enthralled in the article and begins to read all about him, including the strange sightings of him in Wragg Swamp.  Could it be the same mysterious swamp man in Uncle Ed’s story?  The article dismissed the sighting reports as hearsay and gossip, but Jeff thinks he’s the same wild man of Wragg Swamp.  Now, all he has to do is prove it!

The reader will be intrigued and entertained as Jeff and his pals, along with Billy and Jessica, set out on a dangerous journey to solve the mystery of Wragg Swamp. A threatening storm, frightening sounds, and getting lost and stranded in the swamp are all part of their perilous journey. The lure of mystery and suspense,  along with lessons in friendship and courage, make this a compelling read.

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From the back cover:

Something strange is happening in Wragg Swamp! First, the lights go out in the Mardi Gras float warehouse. Then mysterious sounds are heard. Next, an eerie cry is heard along the road to the float garage. Later, Jeff and his pals learn about a wild man in the swamp. Who is he and why does he live there? What truth do they learn about him? Could it be connected to the unexplained happenings around the float warehouse?

Amidst Mobile’s festive Mardi Gras celebration, Jeff and his pals, along with an annoying girl named, Jessica, discover another mystery. A trip to an old warehouse in Wragg Swamp, a discovery in Uncle Ed’s storage shed, a frightening storm and getting lost and stranded in the swamp are all part of their dangerous venture. The lure of the swamp and the strange man lead Jeff and his pals on an unforgettable journey that reveals the truth and teaches them valuable lessons in friendship and courage.

The Mystery of Wragg Swamp is the third book in The Bayshore Mysteries. Be sure to check out book four in the series, Mystery on Mound Island and book five, The Ghost of Blakeley Past.

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery of Wragg Swamp

  1. Jerrye: thank you for your support with The Ropes That Bind. Your books ( I can’t believe how many you wrote) look fun. I am going to TRY to post this on my FB page. If I’m unsuccessful, I will ask for your help.

    Thank you again. Us writers must stick together.

    Tracy Stopler

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