Post a Picture: Cute Kitty in Spain

I wanted to start a blog called “Post A Picture “ using pictures I’ve already taken.  My husband and I have traveled quite a bit both in the US and abroad, and I have taken thousands of photos. I would like to post some of these photos with a brief write-up, including links for further information.

Here is picture #1 with a brief write-up

Kitty on a Wall in Palma Majorca Spain

Don’t miss a good picture!

I love to take pictures. Do you? I bet you never thought about the simplest things that make the best picture. My husband and I recently took a Mediterranean Cruise visiting ports in Italy, France and Spain . We took so many wonderful pictures of famous places like the Duomo in Florence, the Colosseum in Rome, and the Abby at Montserrat, but somehow the picture of the kitty is one of my favorite. For all you amateur photographers and especially you cat lovers, don’t overlook the plain and simple. It could be your next best picture!

Now go out and take some pictures!


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